About me

About me

Konrad Kazimierz Kośnik (MA) – PhD student in the Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland (since 2016). Assistant supervisor of Psychology of Religion Scientific Club in Adam Mickiewicz University (formerly: co-founder and president). Author/co-author of articles (e.g. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology) in the field of psychology of religion and cultural/indigenous psychology. Scientific interests (in brief): historical-philosophical basis of psychology and Polish/Slavic culture. Volunteer for people with autism spectrum disorder. In free time – passionate guitarist and a fan of fantasy.

2016 – MA in psychology, Institute of Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, master thesis: “W poszukiwaniu duchowości. Studium psychologiczne współczesnych rodzimowierców słowiańskich w Polsce” [“In search of spirituality. Psychological study on contemporary Slavic Neopagans in Poland”], supervisor: prof. Elżbieta Hornowska, reviewer: prof. Władysław Jacek Paluchowski

2020 – MA in history, Faculty of History, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, master thesis: “Pisarstwo Janusza Bieszka jako narracja pseudonaukowa” [“Writings of Janusz Bieszk as a pseudoscientific narrative”], supervisor: prof. Maciej Michalski, reviewer: prof. Maria Solarska

Manuscript reviewer: Philosophical Psychology (JCR)

Research projects currently conducted:

Identity of Polish psychological thought (1918-2018): diachronic analysis of main psychology’s subject definitional narratives from the perspective of new history of psychology [doctoral project, supervisor: prof. Andrzej Pankalla]

Indigenous Slavic psychology – (re)construction of local knowledge/perception of psychic phenomena on the basis of cultural-historical data

Pop-cultural manifestations of Polish national identity – an attempt to understand contemporary identity processes in the context of Polish (Slavic) culture’s history

Conducted academic courses:

Krytyczna analiza tekstów psychologicznych [Critical analysis of psychological papers]

Praca empiryczna [Empirical work]

Wprowadzenie do psychologii i historii myśli psychologicznej [Introduction to psychology and history of psychological thought]

Wprowadzenie do psychologii: historia i współczesność [Introduction to psychology: history and contemporary times]

Contact: konrad.kosnik@amu.edu.pl

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