About me

About me

Konrad Kazimierz Kośnik (MA) – lecturer in the Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. Supervisor of Psychology of Culture and Religion Scientific Club in Adam Mickiewicz University. Author/co-author of papers in the field of psychology of religion and cultural/indigenous psychology (e.g. a book Indigenous psychology of Slavs). Research interests (in brief): historical-philosophical basis of psychology and Polish/Slavic culture. Volunteer for people with autism spectrum disorder. In free time – guitar music, classic poetry, oil painting.

2016 – MA in psychology, Institute of Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, master thesis: “W poszukiwaniu duchowości. Studium psychologiczne współczesnych rodzimowierców słowiańskich w Polsce” [“In search of spirituality. Psychological study on contemporary Slavic Neopagans in Poland”], supervisor: prof. Elżbieta Hornowska, reviewer: prof. Władysław Jacek Paluchowski

2020 – MA in history, Faculty of History, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, master thesis: “Pisarstwo Janusza Bieszka jako narracja pseudonaukowa” [“Writings of Janusz Bieszk as a pseudoscientific narrative”], supervisor: prof. Maciej Michalski, reviewer: prof. Maria Solarska

Manuscript reviewer: Philosophical Psychology (JCR)

Research projects currently conducted:

Identity of Polish psychological thought (1918-2018): diachronic analysis of main psychology’s subject definitional narratives from the perspective of new history of psychology [doctoral project, supervisor: prof. Andrzej Pankalla]

Indigenous Slavic psychology – (re)construction of local knowledge/perception of psychic phenomena on the basis of cultural-historical data

Pop-cultural manifestations of Polish national identity – an attempt to understand contemporary identity processes in the context of Polish (Slavic) culture’s history

Conducted academic courses:

Esej psychologiczny: projekt indywidualny [Psychological essay: individual project]

Krytyczna analiza tekstów psychologicznych [Critical analysis of psychological papers]

Podstawy psychologii [Basics of psychology]

Praca empiryczna [Empirical work]

Wprowadzenie do psychologii i historii myśli psychologicznej [Introduction to psychology and history of psychological thought]

Wprowadzenie do psychologii: historia i współczesność [Introduction to psychology: history and contemporary times]

Wprowadzenie do studiowania [Introduction to studying]

Contact: konrad.kosnik@amu.edu.pl